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A Shóki with the Enemy – Martin Ferkl looks at evaluation and trials of Ki-44s captured by the U.S. forces at Clark Field and Kashiwa air bases. Two colour profiles are included. The article also features an overview of existing Ki-44 kits and related products.

From the Album of Aviator Leutnant Otto Uher – a collection of rare and unique photos from Otto Uher’s album. Uher served as an airborne artillery observer and pilot with Flik 11 and Flik 66D in WW I.

The Nesher Story – Part II is focused on the combat deployment of Israeli Neshers during the Yom Kippur War and their service in the 1970s. Four colour profiles are included.

Czechoslovak Military Multi-Engined Aircraft in the Luftwaffe Service – Part II describes service of Czechoslovak multi-engined aircraft in the Luftwaffe such as the Fokker F IX, Fokker F VII-3m, Aero A 304, A 300 and others. There is also an overview of available kits of the pre-war Czechoslovak multi-engined aircraft. Two colour profiles are included.

Whitey Feightner – Part II of the article by LCDR Rick Morgan, USN (ret), describing the career of WWII USN pilot Whitey Feightner and featuring four colour profiles of F6F Hellcats (including F6F-3K drones).

Harry von Bülow-Bothkamp – the profile of Jasta 36 commanding officer, a fighter ace with 6 victories in total. Colour profile of Blue Fokker Dreidecker included.

Shuttle UK – Prague 1945 – 2 pages of photos illustrating airlift missions flown by No. 311 Squadron Liberators after the end of WW II.

Heinz Bär’s Schwalbes – three colour profiles of three various Me 262s flown by Heinz Bär. These are related to the review of the Academy 1/72nd Me 262 A-1a kit.

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