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The Pirates from Albania – a collection of photos of Albatros D.IIIs (Oef) serving with Flik 6F in Albania during WW I. Three colour profiles are included.

The Nesher Story – the conclusion of the Nesher story, focused on the Argentinian variants Dagger and Finger and their combat deployment over the Falklands. 6 colour profiles are included.

A Message from the Inglorious War – recovery of a Soviet DB-3 bomber which crashed in Karelia on December 21, 1939.

The W-3A Sokol In Detail – walkaround photos of the cockpit, undercarriage and engines.

The Police Be 51 Beta Minor – article describing development and flight tests of Be 51 Beta Minor light aircraft which were to be used by the Czechoslovak Police in the late 1930s. Three colour profiles are included.

Fighter Aces of the Korean War – description of a mission of February 10, 1952, during which Major G. A. Davis, Jr. was shot down over Korea. A colour profile of Capt. Clifford D. Jolley’s F-86E.

When Dust Was Blowing Behind Harvesters – the Harvester was the nickname for the Il-10/Avia B-33 attack aircraft used by the Czechoslovak Air Force from 1950 to 1962. The article takes a short look at their career in Czechoslovakia.

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