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Sgt Uher’s Death ... the True Story – according to the Operations Record Book of No. 257 Squadron Sgt Uher (Czech) crashed into the sea for an unknown reason (probably due to engine failure) on June 30, 1941. In cooperation with historian Manuel Van Eyck, who had traced down another participant of that sortie, Pavel Vančata reconstructs that mission and explains the real cause of Uher’s fatal accident.

Fighter Aces of the Korean War – Petr Šafařík examines the combat careers of Col. R. D. Creighton and Col. G. T. “Eagle” Eagleston.

Black Tuesday of the USAF – a brief on the B-29 raid on North Korean bases carried out on October 23, 1951, during which 3 B-29s were shot down and 7 ones had to be written off after emergency landings.

German Jays over the Balkans – service of the Arado Ar 96 trainer in the Royal Bulgarian Air Force during WWII as well as in the post-war socialist Bulgarian Air Force.

Jamboree over Tokyo – Martin Ferkl gives a thorough account of Operation Jamboree, ie. the raids of U.S. carrier-borne aircraft against airfields and production plants in the Tokyo area, performed from 16 to 17 February 1945. 4 colour profiles of F6F-5 Hellcats and Ki-84s are included.

“Kid Commander” JAS Storrar – Part 1 of an article describing the early combat career of James Edward Storrar. Three colour profiles of Hurricane Mk.Is are included.

Italian Marsupiales Attacking – Pavel Šofer’s detailed article focused on the combat deployment of the Italian SM.82 bomber which was used for strategic long-range missions from 1940 to 1942. 3 colour profiles are included.

Phönix D.I 228.12 at Pergine – some interesting photographs of the Phönix D.I 228.12 which was used by several Fliks on the South Tyrol Front in 1918.

Photo Album 1914–18 – Fokker versus Voisin – a collection of photos taken in East Galicia on August 26, 1916. They depict a German Fokker E.III and Russian Voisin 3. The latter aircraft was forced to land by Leutnant Leopold Anslinger.

3 pages of 1/72nd detailed drawings of the Henschel Hs 126 B-1 plus a summary of existing Hs 126 kits.

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