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A Chinese Pilot with a Czechoslovak Pilot Licence in a Japanese Fighter! – an interesting story about Chinese soldier Nieh Heng-Yü who visited Czechoslovakia in 1932 as a member of the Chinese aviation mission and received his pilot licence there. After he returned to China, he was killed in an accident while flying Nakajima Type 91.

The Anatomy of a Suicide Unit – Martin Ferkl takes the 57th Shinbu Tai as an example of a typical IJAAF suicide unit. He examines the unit’s formation, personnel, training and its missions. 2 pages of 1/72nd drawings of the Ki-84 Kó and 3 colour profiles of the unit’s Ki-84s are included.

From Leutnant Otto Uher’s Album – 6 pages of unique photos with extensive captions. This is Part 2 of the album (see REVI No. 72 for Part 1). Uher served as an airborne artillery observer and pilot with Flik 11 and Flik 66D in WW I.

Capt. Dolphin Dunnaha Overton – the combat career of Capt. Overton who became the fastest fighter ace of the Korean War after he shot down five enemy aircraft within four days.

Heinz Rökker – an Ace Born Under the Skies of Africa – Heinz Rökker was the sixth best scoring night fighter pilot of the Luftwaffe. Part 1 describes his combat career until August 1942.

C-2s in the Czechoslovak Air Force – Michal Ovčáčík takes look at the post-war service of the Avia C-2 (Arado Ar 96) in the Czechoslovak Air Force. Modellers will certainly appreciate a number of contemporary b/w photos.

“Kid Commander” JAS Storrar – Part 2 of the article describing the combat career of James Edward Storrar. It covers the period from January 1941 till June 1944. The article features colour profiles of a Miles Magister, captured Fw 190 A-4/U8 and a Hurricane Mk.IIC.

W-3A Sokol In Detail – 2 pages of walkaround photos focused on interior details.

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