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The Storch Bomber in Czechoslovakia – the post-war Czechoslovak Army had 45 K-65s (Fi 156s) in its inventory. In 1956, a proposal was put forward according to which the type could be modified into a bomber variant. The article describes this project.

From the War Diary of Jan Gellner – Jan Gellner served as a navigator with RAF No. 311 Bomber Squadron. This episode from his diary describes an eventful and hectic duty of March 21, 1941, when he served as the operational officer of the squadron.

Anton Grössler – Fluglehrer in the Great War – a profile of Anton Grössler who was a flight instructor serving with several units of the K.u.k. LFT during WW I.

The Massacre of Battles over Sedan – a detailed study of a mission of the RAF Advanced Air Striking Force over Sedan of May 14, 1940. The operation ended up in a disaster as the RAF lost some 60% of its aircraft sent into action, 6 colour profiles of Fairey Battle bombers are included.

U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds – Part II of the history of the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron, describing not only the team’s accidents, but also looks at its female members. Two colour profiles of Thunderbirds’ jets (F-105 and F-4E) are included.

Heinz Rökker – an Ace Born Under the Skies of Africa – Part II deals with Rökker’s combat career with night fighter units from autumn 1942 until the end of the war. The article also features a complete list of Rökker’s victories (including his RAF opponents) and a colour profile of the Ju 88 C-4, R4 + DL of 3./NJG 2.

A Focke-Wulf Found after Years – an article by Mark Sheppard, this time he describes the fate of the Fw 190 A-5, “White A”, W.Nr. 1227, of 4./JG 54. The aircraft was lost over northern Russia on July 19, 1943, and found 50 years later.

Messerschmitt Bf 110 G in Colour – 4 colour profiles of the Bf 110 G-2 and G-4 variants.

5 pages of 1/72nd drawings of the Bf 110 G-4 variants.
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