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   REVI No. 78 contents:

- Three colour drawings of the Avia B-534 (1 page) see preview page

- Crash landing of the Aero A-100-2 aircraft on the Piešťany airfield on November 8, 1939 – a detailed account of one episode from an aviation history in Slovakia by Boris Súdny. The main character in the article is an airman Ludevít Kukorelli.

- Fliegergast Václav Růžička and his 92 year old story – an account of one air crash of an Austro-Hungarian naval hydroplane during WWI.

- Things that go bump in the night – a description of one midair collision of two Intruders during a training mission near Nellis AFB. Four colour profiles of A-6 Intruders included. see preview page

- Photo album – Squadron VA-34 Blue Blasters. 2 pages of color photos of the Blue Blasters’ Intruders.

- Two pages of photos of crash landings of the A-6 Intruders.

- A very long career of the Fulmar N1854 – a detailed “biography” of one particular Fulmar aircraft.

- Anti-submarine ace – S/Ldr Terence “Terry” Malcolm Bulloch – Pavel Turk gives a detailed biography of one of the famous characters within anti-submarine warfare during WWII. Three pages of colour profiles and details of RAF Coastal Command Consolidated B-24 Liberator included. see preview page

- Photo album – Flying legend Avia B-534 – four pages, two b/w photos on each of them.

- Immelmann’s thirteen or the first Fokkers ”E” within the 6th Armee – Part I of an article about an early combat career of one of the most famous fighter aircraft of WWI. A colour profile of the Fokker E.I included.

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