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Under sign of a white tiger Martin Ferkl gives a short biography of Shuho Yamana who flew with an interestingly painted aircraft during WWII. One color profile of Nakajima Ki-84 K Hayate included - preview of page 2

Heinz Br and his aircraft Part II of a detailed biography of one of the most successful fighter ace of the Luftwaffe during WWII. Two color profiles of Fw-190s and one color profile of P-51B included - preview of pages 8 and 9

Peten and Saraf Israeli AH-64 Martin Pospil gives a detailed account of the combat career of the AH-64As and AH-64Ds within IDF - preview of pages 18 and 19

Photo Album 14-18 Albatros D.III Oeffag 253.05 and 253.09 Four color profiles of Austro-Hungarian Albatros D.IIIs included - preview of pages 28 and 29

Nachtjagdstaffel Finnland/Norwegen, 4./NJG 3 a short article about one night fighter unit of the German Luftwaffe during WWII deployed in Scandinavia. One color profile of Junkers Ju 88G-6 included.

Malta defender Gordon Russell Tweedale Part II conclusion of a biography of one fighter pilot who participated on defense of Malta during WWII.

Arado Ar 196 technical drawings Part I
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