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REVI SUBSCRIPTION BY http://www.modelimex.com

Due to several reasons we decided to stop subscribing of REVI magazines. We understand that you may not feel happy about it, but exchange rates between CZK and EUR and also more pages in the magazine than a year ago (and better paper quality) caused these changes. We still believe that who really likes our magazine, he will order it from our partner MODELIMEX Online Shop (www.modelimex.com) for 6 EUR + 7 EUR postage. Each issue will be safely packed and sent by airmail. If you live outside of EU, your price will be less 9% VAT (=5,50 EUR + postage). Thank you for understanding.

Retail orders of all goods:

For individual purchase and order conditions please contact:

Wholesale orders of REVI books printed in English language:
MARK I firm is an authorised sole distributor of REVI books for foreign countries (e.g. Betty, Dinah and Japanese WW2 Aircraft in Colour). Any trade orders and enquiries should be therefore directed to following mailing address, or faxed or e-mailed to:

PO Box 10
CZ-100 31 Prague 10-Strašnice
Czech Republic
tel/fax: + 420 241 765 158
e-mail: mark1@cmail.cz

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