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REVI No. 80 Contents:

MD-500 Defender La ‘Atot in Israel – Yoav Efrati gives a short account of the combat career of the MD-500 within IDF - preview of pages 2 a 3

Color schemes of the Albatros D.IIIs (Oef) series 253 – a reflection on use of color schemes on one of the most famous airframes serving within Austro-Hungarian air force during WWI. Two color profiles of Albatros D.III are included - preview of page 9

I flew with two aces – Concluding part II of a detailed biography of Lt. Walter Telsnig who flew as a radar operator in Bf 110 night fighter during WWII. He flew with Hptm. Wilhelm Telge and Hptm. Adolf Brewes. One color profile of Bf 110 G-4 included - preview of page 15

The only Victoria Cross that was awarded on the basis of the testimony of the enemy – Pavel Türk gives an account on Lloyd Allan Trigg and his combat mission for which he received the Victoria Cross. Four color profiles of Consolidated B-24 Liberator included - preview of pages 22 a 23

Italian storks in the Battle of Britain – Concluding part II of a detailed account of combat activities of Italian FIAT BR.20Ms during the Battle of Britain. Four color profiles of FIAT BR.20M included - preview of pages 28 a 29

Fighter Aces of the Korean War – Petr Šafařík examines the combat careers of James Helms „Jim“ Kasler who was the only USAF serviceman in history who received AFC, the highest USAF decoration, three times.

Whirlwind from Yeovile – Part II of the article describing the history of one very interesting and rare airframe manufactured by unconventional factory Westland Aircraft Inc – Westland Whirlwind. One color profile of Westland Whirlwind Mk.I included - Whirlwind victories of the 263 and 137 Sqn

Question marks around color schemes of the “Long noses” – A reflection on use of color painting schemes on the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Ds during WWII.

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